My name is Stephanie Christofferson. I grew up in Marin County, the lush little plot of hills that connects Berkeley, San Francisco, and wine country. A lifelong love of farmer's markets and cooking shows was given academic expression by my undergraduate thesis at UCLA on the Slow Food movement. I was hooked, and I dove headfirst into a side of food I didn't know existed - one that examined it from all angles, not just as a trend or commodity or necessity, but as a cultural artifact, as symbol and signifier, as something rich with meaning and such a central piece to many aspects of our world and daily lives.

Like any self-respecting foodie, my next destination was Paris, where I received a master's degree in global communications from the American University of Paris. My studies heavily emphasized the anthropology of food and taste, and I conducted an individual study on food communications and branding. Subsequently, I began working at Proximity BBDO as social media content manager for three global Procter & Gamble beauty brands.

My mission in starting Décanteur Media is to provide an affordable, easy, and fun way for small businesses to win at social media. While advertising agencies are great for corporate brands, smaller businesses and producers don't have the budget for agency work - and don't fit the bill. A more tailored, individual, face-to-face approach with a deep understanding of a brand's needs and ethos is something I want to offer to small brands and businesses, because I believe this is the next wave in social media marketing and digital advertising. I specialize in food (specifically cheese - I once interned in a creamery!) but my agency experience working in the beauty sector gives me the versatility and the tools to surmount any business challenge. Above all, I love to tell stories, and I want to help you tell yours.