I'm Stephanie Christofferson.


I was born in Marin County (the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge) and grew up going to farmer's markets, clipping out recipes from Martha Stewart Living, and watching the Food Network. At UCLA I fell in love with the academic side of food when I wrote my undergraduate senior thesis on Slow Food; at the American University I fell in love with food communications (and cheese, and wine, and baguettes) when I achieved my Master's degree, and landed my first agency job at BBDO as social content lead for Procter & Gamble beauty brands. After moving back from Paris, I searched high and low for an agency that specialized in small food businesses and, seeing a hole in the market, decided to fill it myself. Since then I have worked with over ten clients in the industry, managed more social media accounts than my thumbs can handle, continued to write editorial pieces, and taken way too many photos of my food. It is my passion to tell the stories behind small businesses, artisanal products, restaurants, and most importantly the people behind them. Because, as M.F.K. Fisher puts it, “First we eat, then we do everything else.”