Décanteur Media provides digital marketing services to small businesses, with a focus on the food & wine industry. 

We know how much it takes to run a restaurant, make an artisan product, or manage your own small business - and how important the digital sphere can be in sharing your brand with the world. We design bespoke content strategies for social media, provide copy for newsletters and websites, and create beautiful visual content to keep your brand image on point.



Want to start a blog? Need an email marketing strategy - including what to say? Want to tell your story on your website, but can't find the words? We know just how to put it.


From strategy to scheduling to the perfect caption, we can do it all. Because it's about more than just being social - it's about sharing your story with the world, and getting them to listen.



Don't have a photographer on your team? Not ready to invest in one? We can take over. From social media shots to product photography, we'll take it off your hands - and save you a hefty fee.


Hourly rate: $70

Set price available. Total hour estimate contingent on project scope.


Starting at $400.

Dependent on services, scope, & time commitment.


Contact for details.